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Mindsnare w/ Join the Amish/Level/Born Free. Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood. 02/12/2016

By thebrat, Dec 5 2016 09:34AM

As 2016 is coming to a crazy and confusing close for some; cathartic energy was expelled by many souls on Friday night at the Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood.

The war cry was sounded out 6-8 weeks previous of the event that the Mindsnare *ONCE A YEAR* show is on, and the masses were preparing themselves for the blistering battle of a huge line up that included Join the Amish, Level and Born Free. The anticipation and welcome back, was high for the storming and stanch RETURN of Gordy Forman, back to post behind the kit after his terrible broken arm accident at the Frenzal Rhomb show in W.A in 2015.

The night was warm and welcoming; on approch of the venue, bodies milled around the outside of the venue on Johnson Street, and it oozed a very familiar energy of tonight's gonna be HUGE! To be confronted with a line for ticket entry flowing out the door and snaking around the corner of the premise 45 mins. before doors opening.

This 'old skool' mentality and the usual Mindsnare insanity of NO PRE SALES- DOOR SALES ONLY makes it a survival of the fittest for the punter to get their shit together: get in and on it, EARLY!

A Quick Show Review:

Join the Amish

Melbourne's Join the Amish opened the can of whoop-ass with their no holds barred approach on demanding attention and admiration within the first few seconds of them breaking into their set. Front man Pete Alexander dominates the stage with his huge stage deliverance, backed by a strong and extremely tight sound provided by league of extraodinary players.


Only catching them half way through their set, these guys took their catchy and tough sound, with a demanding and appealing hook into the lip and reel you into the stage, involving, engaging and intensifying your interest in them more as they played hard and fast. Watch out for these guys- they definately have a place in the landscape.

Born Free

The room was beginning to spark up more electricity, Born Free stomed the stage and made the pit spike into a frenzy of rythmic gymnastics. These blokes open up a world of expression in the art form of music. They're a tough and brutal band that doesn't need too much said on their performance- they keep it real.


By the time the quick drink and smoke break was over, Mindsnare hit the stage to an extremely packed room. From the Front of stage to the back of the room, with eager bodies to absorb the sound, friction and annihilation of the note by note crushing demolishion of the soul. If this was your 1st, 20th or 200th fist the the face encounter with the band it was an exciting experience. Playing a slather of Old and New this brutal onslaught was indeed, not for the faint hearted.

A massive thanks to Gordy, Beltsy, Matt and Nigel. (Mindsnare)

You're the masters of your craft...

Now, let's hear this new record... AYE!

Thanks to Gunzy @Benshootspeople for the pictures of MINDSNARE.

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