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Q&A TIME WITH: Los Labios.

By thebrat, Sep 19 2017 12:41PM

Some how, some cheeky Spanish Rock band made it on the lineup for FuzzFest,..

They're called Los Labios... Just go and check them out!



Los Labios

Who are you?

My name is Charlie Cepeda. I come from Seville, southern Spain, and it is my first time in the fascinating and exuberant Australia. I am ready to offer myself to all the wild pleasures that your legend tells.

What you play in the band?

I play the guitar and organize the troop before the big storm.

What’s your most recent release?

Our latest release has been our debut album, "Birthday". Lenny Kravitz invited us to record it in his studio, it was produced by Craig Ross, and we are very satisfied with it. After the recording we have done some shows in USA including the Whiskey to Go Go in Los Angeles, and in recent months we have been touring Spain.

OK, you’ve played in a few venues, what’s the best Venue to play and give us an idea of the hospitality and reception that you’ve come across from the Bar/Pub and the Punters?

It's soon to confirm you about that but we wish you will be very affectionate and immature with Los Labios, because we are ready and willing to enjoy all that “Roll" that characterizes you. For Los Labios it’s really exciting to come and offer some shows in The Land of Oz.

So, you’re playing Fuzzfest, who are you most interested in seeing over the two days?

We do not know anyone here / We do not know any of the bands; but we know how to keep our eyes open. That is sure.


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