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Q&A Time with: FLUFF

By thebrat, Sep 19 2017 11:46AM

I caught up with the very amazing crazy legs himself, Neil of FLUFF!

If there is another word above the felling of ADORATION... well, I kinda have it for this guy!

Such a lovely HUMAN!

Read on the 5 questions I have asked...


FLUFF. The band be FLUFF.

Who are you?

Aaah now, boy how, that is the question. The question to which the truest answer, ironically, can only be fully realised past the horizon of a lifetime. The closest summation of which I can share so far is that I am Neil Wilkinson. I am a musician, sharing my love of music through a loud guitar. From my depths, direct delivery to your ear holes. From source, to receptacle, through the act of bending air.

What you play in the band?

I am a guitarist. Such is the essence of my reality. I also occasionally sing some.

What’s your most recent release?

We have recently finished recording our first record! It is currently being mixed, the results of which we have heard so far, we are extremely pleased with. We cannot wait to share our vibrations with you. Soon. Very soon.

OK, you’ve played in a few venues, what’s the best Venue to play and give us an idea of the hospitality and reception that you’ve come across from the Bar/Pub and the Punters?

It really does depend entirely on the people who are occupying the venue at the time. The fact that we are residing and most active in the thriving metropolis that is Melbourne, Australia, you really can't go wrong. With such an active and utterly dedicated collective of music loving punters and incredible venues, you can't lose. As for tales of hospitality, these may be yarns best left for a less public medium.

So, you’re playing Fuzzfest, who are you most interested in seeing over the two days?

'King Of The North'.

Check out the FLUFF

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