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Q&A Time with: The Loveless and River of Snakes.

By thebrat, Sep 19 2017 11:36AM

OK... This is a bit of compliled Q&A...

Read on and you'll get it!



The Loveless/ River Of Snakes

Who are you?

Elissa Rose

What you play in the bands?

Vocals and guitar in The Loveless - Bass and Vocals in River Of Snakes

What’s your most recent release?

7” Slut Baby (Loveless) and we have a new album in the works, a few projects of my own – Song a Day with Blackie and spoken word on the New Dumb Numbers 12” featuring Adam Harding and Dale Crover.

River Of Snakes – Black noise album and we have recorded ¾ of our new upcoming album due for 2018.

OK, you’ve played in a few venues, what’s the best Venue to play and give us an idea of the hospitality and reception that you’ve come across from the Bar/Pub and the Punters?

There are a few awesome venues that we have played regularly– The Old Bar, The Tote, Public Bar (Last Chance RocknRoll Bar) and Cherry Bar. They all have wonderful bar staff, managers and bookers who are super supportive of the bands and the scene. I love Melbourne – we have the best city for playing shows, although Ive had a great time touring Sydney and Brisbane in the past too.

So, you’re playing Fuzzfest, who are you most interested in seeing over the two days?

Dr Colossus, El Colosso, Kitchen Witch, Front End Loader and Don Fernando! Basically everyone I can fit in!

Catch up with all the news and noise with THE LOVELESS and River of Snakes.

PHOTO CREDIT: Andrew Traill

FuzzFest 2017

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