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Q&A time with: El Colosso.

By thebrat, Sep 19 2017 12:01PM

Always has the biggest smile and hugest hugs in the world, basically, such a super lovely human to be around when you get the chance... I had a 5 question chat with Craig from El Colosso... Have a read, yo!


El Colosso

Who are you?

Craig Fryers

What do you play in the band?


What’s your most recent release?

“Pathways”, in May this year. Head over here for TUNAGE..

OK, you’ve played in a few venues, what’s the best Venue to play and give us an idea of the hospitality and reception that you’ve come across from the Bar/Pub and the Punters?

Well we’ve been lucky enough to have played The Corner Hotel twice this last year, the most recent supporting Thunder (UK). Love the sound up on that stage, perfect for heavy rock. We got it filmed too (see “The Hunted” on our YouTube channel).

So, you’re playing Fuzzfest, who are you most interested in seeing over the two days?

Peeping Tom. One of my favourites from back in the day, so rapt they’ve reformed. Adam Winzer (their guitarist) and I started El Colosso about four years ago. Didn’t work out with him in the long run, but we managed to build the foundations of a damn good heavy rock band, and even though we’re playing different nights it’s still nice to be sharing the bill with Peeping Tom. Hopefully there’ll be more to come in the near future.

Get pn the LARGE sound with El Colosso.

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