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By thebrat, Sep 19 2017 11:36AM

OK... This is a bit of compliled Q&A...

Read on and you'll get it!



The Loveless/ River Of Snakes

Who are you?

Elissa Rose

What you play in the bands?

Vocals and guitar in The Loveless - Bass and Vocals in River Of Snakes

What’s your most recent release?

7” Slut Baby (Loveless) and we have a new album in the works, a few projects of my own – Song a Day with Blackie and spoken word on the New Dumb Numbers 12” featuring Adam Harding and Dale Crover.

River Of Snakes – Black noise album and we have recorded ¾ of our new upcoming album due for 2018.

OK, you’ve played in a few venues, what’s the best Venue to play and give us an idea of the hospitality and reception that you’ve come across from the Bar/Pub and the Punters?

There are a few awesome venues that we have played regularly– The Old Bar, The Tote, Public Bar (Last Chance RocknRoll Bar) and Cherry Bar. They all have wonderful bar staff, managers and bookers who are super supportive of the bands and the scene. I love Melbourne – we have the best city for playing shows, although Ive had a great time touring Sydney and Brisbane in the past too.

So, you’re playing Fuzzfest, who are you most interested in seeing over the two days?

Dr Colossus, El Colosso, Kitchen Witch, Front End Loader and Don Fernando! Basically everyone I can fit in!

Catch up with all the news and noise with THE LOVELESS and River of Snakes.

PHOTO CREDIT: Andrew Traill

FuzzFest 2017

By thebrat, Sep 19 2017 11:25AM


Don Fernando

Who are you?

Andy Fernando

What you play in the band?

Guitar an Vox

What’s your most recent release?

Haunted by Humans. Independent Release. Avalible through Bandcamp

OK, you’ve played in a few venues, what’s the best Venue to play and give us an idea of the hospitality and reception that you’ve come across from the Bar/Pub and the Punters?

There are heaps of great venues out there, of course Cherry Bar is a bit of a spiritual home for us, the espy was also another home ground for us back in the early days. Special mention also to Frankies pizza in Sydney!

So, you’re playing Fuzzfest, who are you most interested in seeing over the two days?

I'm keen to see fluff! Haven't seen those guys yet, front end loader, haven't seen them in like 15 years!


By thebrat, Sep 19 2017 09:59AM

FuzzFest is on the horizon. And I'd definately excited to see these absolute legends.. Two Headed Dog.. IF you've not had the pleasure to have a bo- peep at these guys... you're seriously missing out on some awesome action!

So we had a chat with one of the kick ass players...

Have a read...


Two Headed Dog

Who are you?

Andie Kate

What you play in the band?


What’s your most recent release?

Our debut album 'Cuidado con el Perro!'. We have been a little inert on the release front, but we are finally starting to write some new tunes so something may be on the horizon.

OK, you’ve played in a few venues, what’s the best Venue to play and give us an idea of the hospitality and reception that you’ve come across from the Bar/Pub and the Punters?

This one is hard to answer, so many rad venues with wonderful people manning the bar/sound desk/dance floor. 'Regionally', I love playing Baha's in Rye and The Eastern in Ballarat. They are super welcoming and it's always a good night. Cherry bar is a favourite of mine too, familiar faces, wonderful staff and the crowd digs live music.

So, you’re playing Fuzzfest, who are you most interested in seeing over the two days?

My hot tip? Don't miss Redro Redriguez & his Inner Demons, River of Snakes, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans, Dr. Colossus and Don Fernando.

Get down with the grooves of Two Headed Dog.

By thebrat, Sep 19 2017 07:13AM

We have just read a statement made by Bassist of Blood Duster, Jason 'PC" Fuller on social media:

Blood Duster CALL IT A DAY

After 26 years Blood Duster call it a day announcing their last ever gig.

While Blood Duster have had a great run of way too much fun with way too may rad people we feel that the time is right to put an end to all this before we really start doing things for the wrong reasons.

Don’t get us wrong we love playing and when the band gets together for a show we almost always have the most fun out of anyone in the room, but the preparation to be able to play have that fun is now becoming too much.

Half assing it on our own terms has always been ok, half assing it simply for cash is something we don’t wan’t to do.

BLOOD DUSTER have always prided ourselves on doing our shit on our own terms, our own way, and fuck everyone else. We feel that we have stayed pretty true to that over the 26 years and 4 months that we have been around.

Our natural inclination as a band was to do the opposite of what people wanted. Sometimes that lost us fans, but we could always look at ourselves and know we did the right thing for all the wrong reasons.

Blood Duster’s last show is at the Corner Hotel on 9 December with our friends FUCK … I’M DEAD who are back from the dead for this show. CONTAMINATED will bring some grime, Neck Grip will bring their chainsaw death metal, REAPER will be keeping shit frosty , BLUNT SHOVEL will be idiots, DEAD ROOT will something something and CHRIST CRUSHER will crush. I got bored writing the other bands descriptions … Anyway it will be a sick show with sick bands!


Please come down and get wasted with us one last time! Tickets will be $6.66 and tickets or tickets at the door will be $4.50. This is as cheap as we can make the show without actually losing money … we could have done the cash in thing but it feels a little crass considering how much fun we’ve had with all of you.

Also As part of the winding down process we are compiling everything we can think of into album called “all the remains”. This is designed to give you access to all the rare/ never released/ B sides etc. in one easy to find place. So that no one has to write to us asking for stuff… after all we will be dead.

Download the entire thing from www.goatsound.com if you are into downloads or we will have copies on vinyl on the night.

Official release date for the download and the vinyl versions is Friday 20 October.

Vinyl is available on Magnetic South.



Telling James Hetfield of Metallica “Sorry, we are totally out of merch”.

Apologising to Shane Embury for accidentally hitting him with stray piss.

Being told by Justin Hawkins to “stop being silly”.

Rizzo being sure Fergie was “cracking on to him”

Inventing the Butt Shot while on tour in Europe.

Having Darryl Cotton appear on a track with us.

Trying to convince The Strokes to drive off on Drew Barrymore.

Peeing in a guys mouth.

Being repeatedly asked to stop partying and refusing for an entire tour on principle.

Writing cunt on things and then convincing people to buy it.

The Cunt album charting higher than Rhonda Burchmore’s album of the time.

Making and not releasing the KVLT album.

Punching other band members in the face for fun.

Being awkward in the Basement Jaxx van.

Being higher than Mike Williams at MDF.

Having artwork banned by distributers.

Seeing far too much penis from the audience making its way onto the stage.

Doing lines with the Dwarves.

Tony going to court for stage props.

Coming to close to punching on with Danzig while he was playing.

Getting treated like shit by Slayer and Chopper Reid coming to our defence.

Beating Lars Ulrich at Ping Pong.

Sharing bills with Mr Bungle, Carcass, Napalm Death, repulsion and pretty much everyone we have ever wanted to play with …

By thebrat, Sep 15 2017 11:10AM

Simpsons themed lyrics with Doom Laden Riffs...

NO D'OH here!

Let's get talking...

Ok, what's this Band of yours called?

Dr. Colossus

And for the readers, who are you?

Jono, I play the Guitar and sing dumb stuff about characters from a TV series that used to be great, and slowly got worse.

What roll do you play in Dr. Colossus?

The Role of Mediator between Mike and Nath. They're always at each others throats. Nath doesn't eat Meat, where as Mike, That's all he eats!

Luckily, we all don't mind a beer. That holds us togerher... Oh, I also play DANK RIFFS!

What's your most recent release...

Released a Magpie into the air a couple of days back, clipped it in the Pajero! I think it's safe and well!

Sorry Jono, I should rephrase that; Do you havce a new Album out at all?

YES.. We have a new Album called THE DANK. It's better than your favourite Record!!

Ed: YES...I love this RECORD! I am a big fan of this record...ALSO, FuzzFest is an Album Launch for THE DANK!

Favourite Venue to play your Noise at?

I feel like this is a leading question as the following question has to do with FUZZ FEST at Cherry Bar. Luckily, it's also our favourite place to play. The Staff are all rad, they don't play rubbish through the house speakers and the crowd are always there for the music. Sometimes the crowd is also there for the beer, GOD BLESS CROWDS, AND GOD BLESS BEER!

Who are you looking forward seeing at this years edition of FuzzFest?

Front End Loader and Fluff for me. Fluff are basically the nicest people in ROCK right now. Usually when that happens, the band is super good. I bearly know Danny Leo, bur he is always really nice to me when I see him at a gig and they are all just killer Players!


Get Dank with Dr. Colossus.


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