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By thebrat, Nov 29 2016 07:20AM

High Octane Rockers, Don Fernando are set to take the road this December to make some noise, and celebrate with many cheers and BEERS 10 years of Rock n Roll Service to the Australian Underground scene.

The heat has been on for the boys to drive their fuzz filled, atomspheric live performance to a new level. This heralds from a successful tour through Spain, France and England to promote their 2015 release "Haunted By Humans" to now cement their branded HIGH OCTANE, Desert Rock style here on their home turf.

"It's been an amazing 10 years for this band, when it was concieved; I never would have thought we would make it out of my home town of Wollongong, let alone play festivals in Brazil to Thousands of People, or tour Europe 3 times! It's time to celebrate what we have achieved"

Andy Simpson, Don Fernando.

Don Fernando Celebrate 10 years of their hard hitting, Stoner Rock:

Touring East Coast DEC 2016

Friday 2nd Dec RAD BAR- Wollongong, NSW

Saturday 3rd Dec- The Beach Club- Collaroy, NSW

Sunday 4th Dec- Town Hall Hotel- Newtown, NSW

Sunday 17th Dec- Cherry Bar- Melbourne, VIC.


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